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Appellate Lawyer of the Week: Houston Attorney Revives Legal Malpractice Case

  By John Council | August 01, 2018 at 04:24 PM   Houston legal malpractice lawyer Lance Kassab says he’s a regular customer at Texas’ courts of appeal for one big reason: Trial court judges tend to toss his clients’ cases on summary judgment. “We do a lot of appeals because we get poured out—a lot of judges don’t like legal […]

How to Win a Legal Malpractice Suit Against a Negligent Attorney

There are countless reasons you may need legal services in your lifetime. Whether you’re in a child custody dispute, trying to receive compensation after an accident or fighting against a criminal charge, you trust your lawyer with your financial and personal well-being. What happens, when you have a negligent attorney though? This is referred to […]

How to File a Legal Malpractice Suit Against a Lawyer

Professionals in every industry must operate by a strict set of laws and ethical standards. Whether a police officer, a doctor or a lawyer, no one is above the law. When these professionals are negligent or otherwise fail to follow the guidelines set forth by their profession, there are serious legal repercussions. While cases against […]